At Go Egypt Go we believe that advertising could be a source of positivity for all involved entities if designed and managed carefully. Advertisers can promote their brands, products and services while delivering a message of positivity to the audience and without overwhelming them with commercial clutter.

Thus we offer a controlled amount of our main feed for sponsored content. Sponsored content appears equally aside our news snippets and is presented in the same manner.

If you are interested in advertising with Go Egypt Go, fill out the submit form in the right column and our editing and advertising team will get back to you promptly.

Sponsored content should follow the guidelines stated hereunder: 

– The content should be presented as news.

– The news presented should be promoting positivity either through company’s CSR activities, local initiatives, company breaking news, valuable new products/services offered, service upgrades, achievements, rewards, recognitions, etc…

– There are no restrictions to the appearance of the brand in the post.

– Visual content is restricted to pictures in (JPEG and PNG) formats and only square dimensions to avoid cropping. It is preferable to provide medium to high resolution pictures to increase chances of content acceptance.


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